Welcome To My Website!   You Are Here For A Reason. 

I have been blessed with unique abilities that allow me to help others on their path to self-discovery and greater happiness.

Here’s information about my background:

I am an ordained minister, spiritual counselor, intuitive guide and energy worker.  I have a deep commitment to health and healing personally and professionally and have been a passionate healing professional for almost my adult life. In addition, I am a Master-Instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET), which is a high-vibration angelic healing therapy, and I have trained with Metaphysical teacher Shad Diamond.  I have studied with Patricia Cota Robles and attend an intensive week long class about energy modalities at the Ozark Institute.

I am highly connected to Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and other light beings who assist me in my work. They guide me in each session as I allow the energy and information to flow through me.  In this process Spirit has sent me many Spiritual Messages that I then share with you.

My sessions are unique and guided from the highest realms. With this assistance I am able to see issues in the aura and chakras and how they affect the body.  I provide full spectrum healing that addresses all layers of the Human Energy Field.

The unique wisdom and spiritual awareness has led me in assisting others to make changes in their lives. I believe in the power of each person and their ability to change their lives for the better.​

It’s wonderful to see immediate improvements in my clients after an energy session, and I am extremely grateful to have found this wonderful phenomenon of healing that is naturally present in every one of us.

Together we will work on your questions and current life issues.  Through energy work and connection with the spiritual realm, we will receive guidance and direction on how to resolve your concerns.  We will work to release the blocks and restrictions allowing you the freedom to move forward.

If you are seeking guidance, please call to make an appointment for a session.  I am able to work with you in person, on the phone, remotely and on Zoom.  You can reach me at 585-317-4374.  My email is theangeliclink@gmail.com.

How Will You Benefit With A Session?

Energy Healing Session

A session would include a variety of techniques that I have learned over the years. We all have an energy system, which sometimes gets blocked during our daily lives. When we feel anger, fear, pain, resentment, or anything that is not in true alignment with who we are. I will use a variety of techniques to clear your energy systems. 

Crystal Stone Reading

Crystals are channels of energy. You will be drawn to different crystals as you shift and change just as you would a person. Energy has intelligence Each crystal possesses its own quality and has different uses. A crystal will want to work with you so let me help find the right crystal for you.

Spiritual Guidance - Intuitive Readings

I work with my Spiritual Guides to evaluate how we can determine your issues and how we can develop a plan. Your spiritual team also steps in to help with the session. We discuss what will work with you and I may even give you homework to also work in the physical realm. 



Creating A New
Way of Being

 by Sage Walker

"Exciting.  Our inner voice only tells us what you learned and were told as you were growing up.  It is record on continuous play and only stops when you open to the truth.  So, examine it and see if it is your truth today."

Purchase the book and get a 15 minute intuitive reading. Call

585-317-4371 or


The cost of the book is $14.99 plus tax.

"Working with Sage has helped me make positive changes in my life and work through releasing my negative thought patterns and self-judgments".

Victoria M.


"Sessions with Sage have been a tremendous help allowing me to feel hopeful and to move forward in my life.  There's an amazing release of emotional and energetic blocks after each session"

Charlene H.


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