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Energy and body work sessions 

The length of Sage's typical energy healing session is approximately 60 minutes. It may run a little shorter or longer, as requested or required. Sage will start off with a dialogue with you to make you feel comfortable and to identify your present complaint, your expectations and your needs. After a brief period of meditation to focus and align with the healing intention, Sage will begin with her hands of healing.  Most often, she start at your feet and work upward along the locations of your joints, your energy centers and into the specific areas of your present complaint.

Through Divine Spiritual guidance and seeing the aura, Sage is able to assist you to release and re-frame life’s issues or restrictions.  Often, we carry over from our childhood the fears the child encountered perceived.  Working with the inner child and the adult now, you are able to release or identity when old patterns are causing issues.  By doing this, you now become more joyful and in control of your life. 


For those who experienced traumas, you do not need to go back into it as she is guided to do the work to release the constricting emotions, giving you freedom to live life more fully. 

Cost is $50.00 per hour


Sage is a great problem solver and has helped several people improve  their business. 

Sages' guidance has assisted them to create a better working environment and to streamline the various work processes.  Sage has helped to assist employers to help employees to work together to become more productive.


What will I experience during an energy healing?

Individual experiences will differ from person to person, depending upon your ability to receive and process somewhat high-vibrational frequencies in the form of healing energy. If it is a new experience it may take a few sessions to become fully comfortable with the process. Others may relax into the healing process right away.

During the healing you may be aware of energy shifts and changes as they’re occurring, or you may fall into a deep state of relaxation. Heightened awareness to sensations, thought patterns and emotions are common as release occurs. This may be followed by another period of deep relaxation, peace and usually an awareness of new possibilities. 


Research suggests there are many benefits. Individual experiences will vary. Bio-energy therapies are not a substitute for medical attention. I do not diagnose illness, disease, or any other physical or mental disorder. Sage does not prescribe medical treatments or pharmaceuticals, perform spinal manipulations, or do physical massages.

Home group reading 

Sage will come to your home and do intuitive reading for groups of people.  Readings are for 30 minutes for $45.00.   Often in this process she can tell you your habit patterns which are holding you back as these show up in your auras, giving you solutions for change 


Long distance phone sessions

Long distance healing basically works in the same way except the conversation takes place by phone or skype.  Sage has been called by people in St. Louis and California for readings and spiritual counseling.  This has involved guidance in their personal as well as professional lives.  While talking with someone she is able to see and communicate this information.  The work has been profound and assisted them to work and live with less stress and worry, as they have more clarity. 


Cost is $75.00 per hour 


Spiritual Energy Bracelets 

Sage was directed by Spirit to make these using certain stones because this is the energy you and the world needs right now.  Description to follow.  Cost $35.00 


Stones are energy and they all do various things.  Sage can see the energy and the message of the stone and how its energy interacts with you.  It shows her what it does and how it helps you.  This is what happens with all-natural stones, even in jewelry.


Contact Sage for a stone reading.  $40.00 for ½ hour.  During this time, Sage will first read your energy and let you know what she see's before Sage reads your interaction with the stone. 



Gift certificates - $25 and up

Gift certificates are available in denominations of $25. They can also be mailed to you or can also be emailed.

Stones are energy and they all do various things.  Sage can see the energy and the message of the stone and how its energy interacts with you.


"Sage has given me the empowerment to forgive myself.  To find the ways to nuture myself.  To become the person I am meant to be.  To stop hiding and to bloom."

JoAnn R.



a book by Sage Walker


"Exciting.  Our inner voice only tells us what you learned and were told as you were growing up.  It is record on continuous play and only stops when you open to the truth.  So, examine it and see if it is your truth today."

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