World Changes and Energy Update With Shad Diamond

Every month Shad Diamond comes to Rochester to do a monthly update on the world around us, the energies that are shifting and how it's affecting everyone.

For May Shad is offering a class.   May 27, 2020 Wed 7pm - 9:30pm

Please check ONE Wellness Center’s calendar after May 15 for the status of this class.


Cost: $25, payable at the door.  To register, call Sage Walker at 585-317-4374.

Here's some info about Shad. He is a psycho-energetics scientist, a musician and a Body-Mind-Consciousness remote healing practitioner. He is the founder of the Holistic Research Institute, a teacher of Advanced Holistics and Spiritual Psychology, and the developer of the Quantum Sensory Experience™ proprietary healing technology used in his music CDs. He is educated in electronic engineering, music theory, quantum mechanics, metaphysics and parapsychology.

For info on Shad go to:


Cost $25.00 per monthly meeting

Tools for Living Peacefully Admidst Life's Chaos  

Looking for a peaceful and more positive way of living? Ready to make changes in your life and let go of past issues and emotions which keep you stuck in negative patterns? Join Sage Walker, spiritual guide and communicator, as she receives guidance from the angelic realm to guide you to a better life.

Cost $20.00 per class



Talking About Angels 

I am an energy worker, spiritual counselor, IET Master Teacher, crystal reader, intuitive who works with her guides to assist people reach their fullest potential.  I have received messages from the spiritual realms which has helped me with clients. My spirit guides work with me and thru me providing insight into how to help my clients with their mental and emotional blocks. Join me as I talk about different types of angels and how to call on your angels, receive messages from them, and interpret the messages. Bring your questions too. Sage will also read your aura.

Cost $20.00 per class

Spirit Message Circle 

I am a spiritual guide and communicator, who will select share many spiritual messages that I receive for the class and may be for individuals as well. Group members will discuss the message and use it to reframe their lives for the better. In addition, Sage will receive a message for each person.

"For many years I have received messages from the spiritual realms which I have written down. They have simply been messages about something I or someone else was going through or just inspiration for myself and others. I was told to write them down, and I am now excited to share them in my newly published book, The Awakening: Creating a New Way of Being.”


Cost $20.00 per class

Stay Tuned for More Class Information


AT 585-317-4374


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